Will make your trip memorable, unfogetable and become special.

It is not easy to find the reliable tour operator right now for FLORES  TOURS AND KOMODO TOURS

With increasing global marketing competition either on price or type of  tour packages marketed in many website, it sometimes makes you confused and hesitant to choose and to buy the type of tour packages and the price you want.

But by choosing THIS IS KOMODO TOUR  is surefire solution for you who wish to spend the holidays here in in FLORES ISLAND and KOMODO NATIONAL PARK  we are able to create good communication  as well as being able to give accurate information. We have many types of tour packages for visiting KOMODO NATIONAL PARK  and surroundings and the tour around FLORES ISLAND   to explore the beauty and the natural charm inside the island such as , KELIMUTU THREE COLORED LAKES, BENA TRADITIONAL  VILLAGE, WATERFALLS, WAE REBO TRADITIONAL VILLAGE , AND THE UNIQUE OF SPIDERWEB SHAPE OF RICE FIELD and so much more.

All the tours packages we have is dedicated for all of you, so do not be hesitate and worried to get in touch with us , we will create the best tour based on request and and will do our best in serve you during the trip goes on.

THIS IS KOMODO TOUR   will make your trip memorable, unforgettable and become special.




Didimus Adin

Why Choose Us ?

Among others are

Trusted Agent

Official and trusted travel agent located in Flores .

Complete Package

The package choices we provide are complete and current

Affordable prices

The prices of Komodo and Flores tour packages that we offer are always the best and competitive

No hidden fees

The price we offer All in no more costs

Cruise Handling

Our travel company are experienced in handling many guest who come from cruise ship and able to create a good excursion around komodo island and surroundings, guide you to explore the real nature and most main thing is to see the surviving giant lizard living on komodo island

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